About Pressly's Cleaners

Pressly’s Cleaners is a 3rd generation, family owned, dry cleaning company with over 
75 years of dedication to trust, quality and care. What began in 1935, with just a small dry 
cleaning machine and shirt laundry facility, has flourished into one of the leading dry cleaning
 companies in Coastal North Carolina. Together, founders Jay and Earl Pressly, mastered the 
craft of garment care. They instilled the values that still guide our company today: to exceed 
the expectation of our clients and provide the highest level of quality cleaning possible.
Bob Pressly, son of Jay Pressly, later took over the company, growing it while building on the
 quality standards set by his father and uncle. After 28 years, Bob passed the legacy on to his
 son, current President and CEO, Robert Pressly Jr. Robert is also the owner of the Certified 
Restoration Drycleaning Network of Coastal North Carolina and has incorporated a new 
business philosophy to drive all aspects of the company's growth. Pressly’s Cleaners newest 
addition, Hunter Pressly, Robert’s oldest son, and will be the fourth generation to take the 
natural progression of Pressly’s Cleaners dedication to quality, care and trust. Pressly’s provides
 the highest level of quality garment care possible. Today we stand behind our work and unique 
techniques developed through the decades, to build on the quality on which Pressly’s Cleaners was founded.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a first class textile cleaning and rejuvenation experience, in which they will find unparalleled garment care and quality, responsive customer service, and excellence at a fair and reasonable price with every visit. As the areas only Certfified Restoration Drycleaning Network, we are proud of the excellent reputation we’ve earned and we work to uphold it through each service we offer.

Who are we

Pressly's Cleaners is a 3rd generation, family owned, dry cleaning company with over 75 years of dedication to trust, care and excellence.

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