4No Air, Water, Soil Pollution

4No "Dry Cleaning" Odor



4Better Stain Removal

4Gentle of Fabrics

4No Color Fading

100% eco-minded & Perc Free
Pressly's Cleaners goes well beyond hanger recycling when it comes to our environment. For every step in our process we have developed and implemented a safer, better and environmentally friendly process.
Eco-Friendly Alternative for Dry Cleaning 

O   cleaning is an alternative dry cleaning process that can be used on most garments labeled "dry clean only." O   cleaning is a water-based, non-toxic, energy-efficient technology that uses computer-controlled washers and dryers, specially formulated biodegradable detergents, and specialized finishing equipment to process garments that are otherwise dry cleaned. O   Cleaning also known as "wet cleaning", it is a solvent-free method to care for garments!

eco-friendly fact 1: WE ARE A PERC FREE DRY CLEANERS.

eco-friendly fact 2: When items must be dry cleaned, we use only Hydro-Carbon dry cleaning machine.
Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What are the benefits of wet cleaning?

A: Wet is better for the environment and better for your health. There is no chemical smell from dry cleaning solvents. Wet cleaning produces whiter whites and is often more effective in removing water-based stains.

Q: What type of clothes can be cleaned?

A: Clothes that can be wet cleaned include cottons, wools, silks, suede's and leather. Wet cleaning can also be suitable for fragile garments such as beaded and sequined fabrics, wedding dresses and fine suits.

Q:  What is the difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning?

A:  Traditional chemical dry cleaning uses a liquid petroleum-based solvent or perchloroethylene (perc)* to remove dirt and odors from garments and then dries the solvent out of the fabric with heat, all in one machine.  Stains are treated with different spotting chemicals either before or after garments go into the dry cleaning machine.

Q:  Does wet cleaning work for all garments?

A:  99% of garments labeled “dry clean only” can be effectively wet cleaned.  The Federal Trade Commission only requires that one cleaning method be listed on a garment care label so nearly all manufacturers choose to list the most widely available process, even when the garment can be effectively cleaned by other means.  In the rare instance where a garment is likely to react poorly to wet cleaning we always talk with the customer to explain the risks and options before going forward with the cleaning process.

Mother Nature uses hydroxyl molecules to cleanse and decontaminate our outdoor 
environment. We bring the outdoors into our cleaning process by using state-of-the-art 
machinery to replicate this same natural process. Hydroxyls do not occur indoors, so 
HGI developed a patented process, through years of field testing, and created a 
solution that mimics Mother Nature by safely generating molecules that naturally
 "seek and destroy" odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other chemicals. 
Hydroxyls actually neutralize odor molecules and gasses by breaking down their 
chemical bonds. This can be done with even some of the most difficult molecules.

The ODOROX® system utilizes patented technologies that for the first time harness 
multiple UV light wavelength ranges. These wavelengths combined with ambient air 
humidity create hydroxyls. The ODOROX® hydroxyl generator is a revolutionary 
device that generates “superior hydroxyls” that eliminate bacteria, mildew, mold, 
noxious gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments.

Hydroxyls (HO•) are naturally occurring molecules. They are created in our atmosphere when the sun's ultraviolet rays react with water vapor in the air. Hydroxyls are an important agent that scrub and cleanse our planet's environment.
ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators replicate this natural process.

State-Of-The-Art Technology 
Hanger Recycling 
In an effort to re-use our precious natural resources, reduce waste, and become more 
eco-friendly, we’ve instituted a company-wide hanger recycling program "Hanger Mania". 
The program is designed to promote the recycling of hangers instead of filling out land fills. 
To get started on the program is easy... simply pick up one of our hanger caddy's and fill it 
up. Each time you drop off a full hanger caddy you receive one shirt cleaned and 
pressed for free! 

Hanger recycling fact: More than 3.5 billion wire hangers from dry cleaners are used each 
year, which amounts to the same amount of steel as 60,000 cars. Metal hangers, while 
made of steel, can be difficult to recycle because their hooks can damage recycling 
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