Never apply water to attempt to remove stains in dry clean only fabrics. If it is necessary to remove as much as possible, gently blot the affected area. Rubbing the stain or any part of the garment can cause fabric damage and color loss.

You should always clean out of season garments before storing them. Also, store them in a dry, climate controlled place out of direct light with daily air flow.

Always read labels on over the counter stain treatments before use. Many are not safe to use on dry clean only fabrics. Apply to an inconspicuous area first.

Many formal wear garments with beads and special trim cannot be cleaned and must be spot cleaned only. Read the care label before purchasing.

Drapery Fabrics in direct sunlight can deteriorate and loose color if not properly maintained. The rule of thumb is to have these draperies along with any matching draperies professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Cushion Covers can dramatically shrink and change colors when they are machine washed. Professional dry cleaned is recommended. In a emergency, wash the cushion and then place it back on the foam padding and let it air dry.

Many deodorants, cologne and hair products contain alcohol which can remove color form many fabrics. Since color loss may not become evident until after the garment has been cleaned, use these items with caution.

The Very Best Cleaning Tip: When in doubt, call the Expert Cleaning Staff at Pressly's Dry Cleaners. 

Wine stains your carpet or washable clothing require immediate action to prevent the stain from setting. Removing red wine stains from clothing, upholstery, carpet and other materials is possible using the right advice. Read More

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